2017 iSUP Bag and Pump

November 12, 2016

We've invested heavily in our inflatable board technology for 2017 with the introduction of our FLT Fusion Layer Techology but we've also paid serious attention to the bits which make up the package. One of the strong appeals of owning an inflatable SUP is the transportability factor, whether it's in the back of your car, on a train or plane on the way to new adventures, the bag in which your board is stored is infact a crucial part of the overall package you're investing in.

We took a long hard look at our existing bags and realised there was a lot of scope for improvement.
We therefore set out to attain some goals for our new 2017 bags.

  • They must be super tough - so we now use 1680D (dernier weight) ripstop material, which is super durable and tough.
  • This also ensure the bag holds it shape as best possible, rather than flopping around in an chaotic manner.
  • Roller wheels to be fitted as standard and they must be tough and able to be dragged over most any surface.
  • Waterproof internal lining had to made standard and easily wipe-clean and dry and durable.
  • Internal cinching straps to secure and 'make small' internal items.
  • External cinching straps all round to make the bag as small and compact as possible, further securing the contents.
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps and waist band for best wearing and comfort control.
  • Well placed carry handles on all sides.
  • Heavy duty zippers and easily findable not black on black and black
  • Vast internal space to fit not just the board, pump and repair kit but plenty more - clothing and personal items.
  • Dark colours to mask the dirt and a strong image of red on black




As for our pump, there's a lot of choice but our consideration was to keep the weight low and opting for a simple SINGLE and DOUBLE ACTION activated with a simple switch. We have gone for wide feet for pump stabillity on which you can stand and a wider pump handle you can get your body weight over.
The guage is now bespoke Mistral and clear to understand.