Waterman Tahiti Tour 1 Punaauia

March 21, 2017

Team Mistral Air Tahiti Nui - Dominate WTT 1 in Punaauia Tahiti. Steeve Teihotaata secures No 1 spot just ahead of Bruno Tauhiro. Rete Ebb finishes a credible 7th in his first WTT contest.

Rete Ebb a rising SUP Star in Tahiti

Bruno Tauhiro one of Tahiti's legendary paddlers with Shell Va'a and 3 time past winner of the WTT.

Steeve being followed by Rete - Steeve is now joined by two of Tahiti's best to make a formidable Mistral Team.

Steeve - Rowing 1, Combo 4,  Swim 10, Prone 1, SUP 1 Total 17 Overall 1st
Bruno - Rowing 5, Combo 1, Swim 4, Prone 2, SUP 6 Total 18 Overall 2nd
Rete - Rowing 3, Combo 7, Swim 18, Prone 11, SUP 2 Total 41 Overall 7th

Race organiser and Team Mistral Air Tahiti Nui Manager, Stéphan Lambert, gives us his overview of the two days . . .

"1000 meters Chrono Timed Sprint on Rowing Machines, follow by a Plank Challenge to warm up all Waterman athletes, with a minimum of 3 minutes endurance. Waterman Kids Combo for under 15 year olds division (SUP 1km+1km prone+1km swim). The youngest was only 6 years old. Thank you for inspiring! Just a 30 minute break for the adults after the Plank Challenge, where the best ones hold for more than 16 minutes, then ready to go for x 2 rounds in a row of Waterman Comboadult division (over 15yrs). 500m beach run  with the paddle +2km SUP +2km swim +2km prone +200m beach run holding his paddle  +500m swim with paddle  +200m beach run until crossing the finish line x 2 with a 15 minute break between. After x 2 rounds, 3 Waterman were equal 1st . Another Plank Challenge will separate them to give the Waterman Combo final podium. I guess after that, you are ready for a 3km swim race, where Waterman will have to compete with fresh athletes that have just registered for this specific swim event. But, why not swim near sunset time in a beautiful clear lagoon rimmed by white sand beach? Feeling here and now is an option . . . a great first day."

"Begin with a 10km prone race in flat water under high Tahitian sun. Brutal experience, that will print a smile on your face. Can't fight pain better - have fun with it.  After a nice lunch under the shades of palm trees shadowing white sand beach, SUP paddlers were in a hurry to do the Te Fano Beach Race SUP Challenge x 6 heats of 3km around 4 buoys +100 m beach run. During Each heat 50% qualify and 50 % have another chance to join the first group. They are challenged right away after the heat,  in a full speed sprint of 100m to a turn bouy and 100m back again then a 100m beach run. Only the 10 first will re qualify.  Massive traffic jam around the body. After 6 heats, is a Super Top 15 final. Better be smart to make  up in this way to the final heat, without having to re-qualify, because those sprints in between the 3km circle, are just a heart attack! Once again Waterman had to compete against fresh athletes that registered only for the SUP event."

"It is up to you , you can do only one or two races or you can do them all. Go deeper. Waterman week end training camp is over for now . Get ready for next."


The first of the 2017 WTT events held in Punaauia Tahiti embraced a range of events including prone paddleboarding, SUP, ocean swimming, rowing machine and beach running. Team Tahiti Mistral, managed by Stéphan Lambert, organiser of the WWT, was very happy with the results and of the first time efforts of Rete Ebb in his first hit out at this event. Veteran WWT competitor and 3 time past winner, Bruno Tauhiro managed a 2nd overall position just behind fellow Team Mistral Air Tahiti Nui athlete, Steeve Teihotaata. In the SUP distance race, Steeve (Stock Equinox 14') finished just ahead of Rete (Stock Vortex XL 14') giving Mistral 1st and 2nd positions in the battle for WWT positions.

An initiative this year,  is to offer a one design of board for all. The Lombok Tribe Board 11'6 was chosen for it's versatility between jnr aged paddles and adults. It proved to be a highly popular event, which may have been a novelty idea, but as soon as the starters siren was heard, racing became serious. What could be better than all on the same board racing and a great use of the inflatable SUP board.

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