Beach and Street Apparel

For Casual Days


Mistral has a proud heritage of over 40 years association with ocean water sports hardware and apparel. Such is the evocative nature of the Mistral brand name, strongly associated with quality and lifestyles connected with the beach, the ocean, health and fitness, it's not surprising that our name is valued and recognized from shore to shore around the globe. These Italian designed garments are created through our licensee, Cisalfa Sport and sold throughout their stores. Our relationship with our licensees, ensures we keep true to our roots in order to provide focus on how Mistral should present itself to the world. Soon we hope to be able to make available a limited number of these items, through our on-line store. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the imagery which we captured on the Greek of island of Crete. Photography by David Edmund-Jones, Steve and Mandy West.