International Mistral One Design

Mistral's association with the One Design concept of racing is historically unprecedented.

From the brands founding in 1976, it has always been community focused, both locally, nationally and internationally and central to the brand's ethos, has been that racing must be made as fair and open as possible to all-comers. The One Design concept is very simple in its philosophy, in that racing is brought down to the central factor of "Person vs Person" and that the equipment remains the same for all. Not withstanding issues of variance of age, gender, physiology or ability, if all-comers are on the same piece of equipment, this then forms the basis of a level start point.

JAPAN: Successfully trialled Spirit 12'6 iSUPs with University students. 

In response to the growing interest in this form of 'social' racing as we like to think of it, where getting together to participate and meet people with shared interests is the primary driver, we have in 2017 taken our successful Spirit 12'6 iSUP, simplified the graphics, added grab handles for Le Mans racing and presented the board as a lean 12'6 x 28" lightweight race board, making it more affordable and in keeping with the development of a racing fleet. 50 IMOD boards are set to create the Mistral IMOD fleet this year. Facebook Link Here

AUSTRALIA: Plans are in place for the IMOD to be introduced into Australia where events will be skillfully managed by former Mistral One Design sailor Mark Riley, based in Sydney.
TAHITI: IMOD 12'6 boards will be headed to Tahiti, to form part of the Jnr Race Series and the Waterman Tahiti Tour in 2018.

RACE RULES: These we are currently working on
RACE DIVIISION: Age and gender divisions TBA

The new look IMOD 12'6 Inflatable Race Board images soon to come.