Mistral's Ocean Ambassadors

Steeve Teihotaata


Steeve Teihotaata is quite simply the world's best outrigger canoe paddler at this point in time. Born and raised as an ocean athlete on the island of Bora Bora, he is relatively new to SUP, but he made a name for himself by winning the 132 miles SUP 11 City Tour 2015 - 5 straight wins every…

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Bruno Tauhiro-Tamatoarau

Mistral Water Warrior

If Bruno was any tougher, he would probably rust. One of French Polynesia's paddlers of fame and one of the island's most tenacious and successful, taking up SUP in 2013 having stepped down from high level outrigger canoe racing, he is already making his mark and has in 2017, joined Mistral's…

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Rete Ebb

Master Technician

Rete Ebb, whose nickname is ‘Le Crabe’ (The Crab), is a true grand champion. In 2013, he pulled off a historic double victory in V1, winning the Aito and Super Aito. During the 2014 Aito however, he huli’d (flipped) and yet managed to hold on to second place, but at the Super Aito 2014…

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Petronella van Malsen

Team Rider Netherlands

Based in Haarlem and Zandvoort in the Netherlands, Petronella holds a Bachelor Degree in Sport and Physical Education.

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Lena Guimarães Ribeiro

Brazilian Talent

An all round paddler who embraces outrigger canoeing (OC6 and OC1) and SUP. Like so many SUP paddlers who excel, a strong outrigger canoeing background or involvement really helps. Lena is no exception to this rule.

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Stéphan Lambert

Mistral Team Tahiti Manager

Stéphan Lambert the quintessential intuitive coach in matters of life and on the water. Mistral are fortunate to have Stéphan acting is Mistral Team Tahiti Manager and trainer to our team riders. In addition to this his involvement and creation of the WTT and Ironmana makes for perfect synergy.

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James Van Drunen

Total Dedication

A rising star, James Van Drunen is a credit to the sport, a great competitor, team rider and ambassador for Mistral.

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Ryan James

Team Rider

4 times UK National Champion, a 2nd place in the famed 5 day 220km 11 Cities Race in Holland and a 3rd in the European Cup, Ryan has more than proved himself on the race circuit.

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Ricardo Haverschmidt

Team Rider

Ricardo regularly competes in stand up paddle racing and downwinding competitions at local, national and international level, including the 11 City Sup Tour in Friesland, where in 2016 he got 7th place in a strong international field. In 2015 Ricardo was the Dutch Champion at the ocean and…

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Ely (Elisabet) Merino

SUP Yoga and Pilates

Ely is a SUP Pilates expert and works in Barcelona, Spain, running her Barcelona based business, Pilates SUP Beach, one of the busiest in the world, in front of the famous luxury W-Hotel.

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Jonas Letieri


Jonas Letieri, 30yo, was born in Santos/ SP, but lives in Cabo Frio/ RJ. Jonas is a Graphic Designer, but is totally in love with sports. When Jonas was 5 y.o. his father enrolled him at soccer classes in Foz do Iguaçu/ PR (south of Brazil). He enjoyed it so much that he had his father enrolled…

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Neza Jarc


I started stand up paddling in summer 2014 and started seriously competing in 2015. Before I was in the sport of canoe slalom for about 13 years. In the middle of the summer 2014 my brother asked if I wanted to try to SUP ( at the SUPklub Ljubljana) and I did.

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Principe Baldini


Principe has been a student of the Classic, has a Doctorate in Economy and some experience as a singer. He is a multi talented athlete, in, Boxing, Equestrian, SUP, Surf, Windsurfing Wave and for sure Windsurfing Speed.

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Gerda Donkerbroek

Mistral Devotee and Lover of SUP

I'm Gerda Donkerbroek owner of Go Sup Sneek Holland (Friesland). I bought a Mistral M1 12`6 in April 2012 and got out on the water. Never paddled before, never had been on the water before. It took me about 3 hours to complete my first tour of 8 km. I was totally in love. Hooked.

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Mike Kranenburg

Charitable Strokes

All my competitions and achievement are for charity. Since my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I raise money for research by doing races, giving training, doing clinics etc. As long as I can I will help to finding a cure and needed money to beat this destroying disease.

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