Janneke Smits of Holland, a two time Champion of the 220km non-stop from 2016 and 2017, will soon begin her quest to win her third consecutive non-stop challenge of this unique event. Joining her this year for Mistral, will be Tatum Prins from South Africa, well known in her home country for her feats of endurance, notably in mountain bike riding and running. She clearly has the mind-set for this form of racing and for task of paddling for possibly up to 30hours in order to complete the course.

Janneke Smits, two time Champion of the non-stop edition of the 220km race.

Janneke has won her previous victories, paddling our standard Vortex race board and this year will be paddling our latest offering, the Vortex SD1. At just under 24′ wide, this is truly a big step up from our standard Vortex, although the under-water shape remains essentially the same, the primary changes being in the rail shape and side walls. It will offer faster speeds and improved glide time, while the lowered standing area, provides no loss of stability for a narrow board. For Tatum, this will be her first time on the Vortex SD1, although she has managed to train on our standard Vortex back in South Africa.


Tatum Prins from South Africa, represents Mistral for the first time at the event.

REGISTRATION for this event, begins today at 7pm at Prinsentuin, Wissesdwinger, Leeuwarden with the race setting off between 5am and 12am tomorrow (Saturday morning) depending on weather conditions. The early finishers should be arriving from 12am to 5pm on Sunday. That’s a lot of paddling!