Mistral’s involvement, successes and support of one SUPsports greatest annual events, the 11 Cities SUP Tour, staged in its homeland waters of Holland, is one of the highlights of the year and signifies the end of a long European summer season.

For 2019, Mistral will have a number of key participants, but of particular interest will be the welcoming of a Mistral Japanese Team of University Students, comprised of four uniquely keen athletes. For the past two years, our 12’6 International Mistral One Design (IMOD) inflatable boards have formed the nucleus of One-Design racing between rival Japanese Universities.

This has created a spin off into a the paddlers wanting to go faster and further and to take on greater challenges. Competing in the 11 Cities will be their greatest challenge so far and Mistral International and the Mistral Red Dot Paddle Division support crew shall be on hand to support and report on their progress over the 5 days of competition.Following on from last years participation of 4 Japanese University Students, we welcome once again a new team. Each of the 4 entrants participate in the Japanese Universities IMOD (International Mistral One Design 12’6) races which has proved extremely popular. You can follow the series here

Yuki Takada Yuki Takada

Waseda University Engineering Department 3rd grader.
Experience in dinghy sailing at high school age and started SUP after entering University.
Using good paddling technique and hard work, he is one of the top paddlers in the student league this year.

  • 2019 All Japan Student League Championship winner
  • 2019 SUP club challenge Shonan winner of inflatable class
  • 2019 Motosuko paddle challenge 2nd place of inflatable class
Momoka Wada Momoka Wada

Yokohama City University International Study 3rd grader.
Starting SUP from entering University and famous for training very hard.
At the same time, she shows great leadership amongst the student league with her beautiful paddling form.

  • 2018 All Japan Student League Championship 2nd place
  • 2019 Kuwata Cup paddle race inflatable class 2nd place
  • 2019 Hiroshima SUP Marathon elite inflatable class winner
  • 2019 All Japan Student League Championship winner

Kota TakeuchKota Takeuch

Waseda University International Study 3rd grader.
From elementary school to high school, he is a keen rugby player and started SUP from entering university.
Using his rugged physique he prefers long distance. As a student in France for 10 months he travelled
with his IMOD and participated in some races in Europe.

  • 2017 Japan cup (open 3km) winner
  • 2018 APP Paris entry
  • 2018 Bord’océan sup days entry
  • 2019 Alpine lake tour entry

Riko OoyaRiko Ooya

Waseda University Faculty of Education 3rd grader.
Starting SUP when she watched the IMOD races.
She has been a competitive swimmer for 9 years since elementary school.
She enjoys paddling up-wind with her supple build and enjoys hard work.

  • 2019 Kuwata cup inflatable 3rd place
  • 2019 Hiroshima SUP marathon inflatable class 2nd place
  • 2019 Miho cup inflatable class winner
  • 2019 All Japan Student League Championship 2nd place