Today it was the turn of Kento Mistuishi to paddle the 45km leg of day 2 and he paddled very strongly over the course. Having experienced the first leg of the event on day 1, by following the riders by car and supporting fellow team mate Tubusa Hamano, he was mentally prepared for what was to come. Paddling sensibly he managed to spent a lot of the time in draft trains and work with 0thers to conserve energy and push on through the day, though did find himself at times paddling on his own.

Eventually, Akira Murata paddling in the Elite division, caught up with Kento late into the race, much to the excitement of the rest of the team. Akira acts as their Coach back home, so it was fitting to have the Coach catch up after the staggered start; the Mixed Team entrants leaving before the Elite men. 

Late into the race on day 2 coach Akira caught up with Kento who had left earlier with the mixed team division.

At the rest point Kento had plenty of support as the rain fell and during the second leg did a great job to finish strong and put the Team in a good position. Tomorrow it will be the turn of Midori Kashiwagi, the first of the ladies to paddle and we wish her success and the best of luck – we shall all be their in support!

Recap on the race days:

Day 1
43 km Leeuwarden 9:00am Sloten 14:30-20:00
Day 2
45 km Sloten 9:00am Workum 14:30-20:00
Day 3
42 km Workum 9:00a Franeker 14:30-20:00
Day 4
43 km Franeker 10:00am Dokkum 15:00-20:00
Day 5
27 km Dokkum 10:00am Leeuwarden 13:00-18:00