Again today the temperature was perfect for racing at about 22c with a light breeze for most of this Stage 4 of the event. For the paddlers, finally a day where the wind was light and continued to lessen; the current mostly favouring the paddlers, after 3 days of paddling mostly upwind, it was a welcome relief. In the Elite Men a group of 5 with Bruno, Martino, Joep, Kjell and Paulo was maintained for 10km before the finish, Bruno breaking away towards the finish, crossing the line in first place. This then broke up the pack with the remaining paddlers battling it out for places.

Martin, Paulo and Joep paddled closely together which resulted in a sprint for the finish, with Joep crossing just ahead of Mistral paddler, Martino, with Paulo in 4th. Ricardo paddling for Mistral, finished in 6th place though suffering for stomach cramps. In the Elite Women, both Lena and Petronella paddled together smoothly for the entire day until towards the finish which ended in a sprint for the finish, crossing seemingly together, the Officials giving the day to Petronella after a close fought race.

Tomorrow on the last day, it will be an challenging race between these two Elite Women to see who will win out, with Lena having a narrow 1 minute lead. For the men, Dutchman Joep has a 2 minute lead over Martino in their battle for 2nd and 3rd. Indeed it will be a case of giving everything for these paddler to see who will be the victors as they battle canal currents on the home stretch.