Chika gets off to a great start.

On day 4 of the event, is was the turn of Chika to paddle the 40km + distance and she would be confronted with high winds and a real test. She is however very competitive and a skilled paddler. At the start of the race she very quickly took the lead in her Mixed Team division ahead of the male paddler from Holland’s SUP School Team.

Having never paddled such a distance before this was to be a big challenge. Unique on this day is the ‘Weir’ where paddlers must dismount and endure a short portage of their boards between waters. The hard part is in lifting the board from the water and running the 100m to the next section of water. This she did very well, taking her time and not panicking.

Portage at the Wier

At this point of the race she had established a good lead in her division and from here she paddled on to the rest point where she arrived in good spirits to the support of her team mates. Back on the water after a short rest it was a challenging paddle to the finish line in high winds and the cool whether. 

Support at the rest point and Chika in good spirits.

Setting off after the rest stop.

Good skills during sharp turns!

At days end she finished triumphantly having paddled exceptionally well in the conditions and made Mistral and the team very proud. Tomorrow on the final day over the shorter 27km, it will be the turn once again of Kento to finish their race.