The Elite Women’s division has become a three horse race, but indeed 3rd position is more or less assured to Petronella who has paddled exceptionally well to stay with the world number 3, Tuka from Japan and Seychelle from the USA, a two time previous winner (paddling for Mistral). 

Today started well for Petronella with an impressive start and early lead. It was not long before the usual procession was formed with Tuka leading, followed by Seychelle then Petronella. Coming into the Weir, all three were in close formation, but Seychelle managed to make the fastest transition, followed by Tuka then Petronella. This led to a big split between the three that was to last up until the rest point and from here to the finish. 

Below at race finish in Dokum

Petronella’s Mother with her at the finish.

Seychelle pulled away from Tuka and Tuka from Petronella, which will make for an interesting race for 1st and 2nd between Tuka and Seychelle on the final day. Petronella just has to be consistent tomorrow and her third place is guaranteed.

Meanwhile Tatum, having been sick the day before, bravely pushed on to complete the day.