Congratulations to our male team riders; James Van Drunen, Ricardo Haverschmidt, Edonays Caballero (Panama) and Akira (Japan). It was a tough five days, which included all the usual highs and lows and a variation of weather as always during the start of autumn in Europe.

Ricardo Haverschmidt 6th

James Van Drunen 7th

Akira 11th

Edonays Cabellero 15th

On the final day, which was a time trial; paddlers leaving one at a time in slowest to fastest paddlers, Akira paddled the 27km in 3:13:07, James 3:20:36 and Ricardo 3:12:27 and the final results for the 220km –

6th Ricardo 22:32:28 
7th James 22:33:03
11th Akira 22:57:00
15th Edonay 24:54:55

Final Results