Petronella remained as consistent as ever in making it to the podium once again, against the toughest competition she has had so far in being up against 2 of the top 5 women paddlers in the world. In close contention on some days, she always remained a core element of the top 3 women and we salute you for your professionalism and composure during the 5 days. Tatum Prins (South Africa) battled on after backing up from the non-stop edition and courageously pushed on to an 11th place finish. Congratulations to all other competitors.

Petronella 3rd

Tatum Prins 9th

3rd Petronella – completing the 220km over the 5 days in 24:32:35.
9th Tatum Prins – 27:57:57 (also completed the non stop)

Final Results