Mistral Slipstream 12'6 flatwater sup hardboard

Slipstream 12’6

Mistral Slipstream 12'6 sup hardboard

The Slipstream 12’6 is a super slick and quick, low-lying, flat water race board. Not a technical board, this is a flat water specialist craft, that handles choppy waters with ease. Its low lying above water structure, ensures that high winds, affect the hull as minimally as possible, an often overlooked factor of design. It’s won big races and set records, a really lovely board with lots of built in intuition. The Slipstream is one of the smoothest and fastest ‘flat water’ 12’6 boards on the market. It has won races in the USA, including the 30 mile Chatterjack was the board used to win the Florida USA Race Series and the winning board of the 2016 battle of the Thames London England and of the River Dart UK 2016 race in a new record time. More recently it has been the winning board in Brazil in the hands of Mistral rider, Lena Guimares Ribeiro. Not for ‘heavy’ paddlers, the 12’6 board performs best for light to medium weight riders up to 75kg. Favoured by many women and lighter weight men, the 12’6 can often be a faster option than a 14′ board, given certain strength to weight considerations, where there is less board to have to ‘muscle’ over the water. The bow and combined displaced hull area, give this board and its longer sister board the Vortex, the same reversed bow wake, which is minimal and in typical torpedo fashion, the bow is designed to ‘split’ the water and create a pressure wave, which forms a vacuum area, so as the drag is highly reduced. Unlike many designs, where you may experience ‘diminished return on output’, on this board design, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Key Features - Race 12'6

Pro Level
Multiple Sizes (ft/in)
  • 12'6x23,3"x7,5"
  • 220 ltr
  • 9kg
  • Length: 12'6"
  • Width: 23.3"
  • Thickness: 3"
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Liters: 220