Month: May 2018

Mistral Creative Juices

No matter how long you’ve spent on the water, on a wide and varied number of water craft, in as many water and weather conditions, when it comes to the design process, working in a small team with like minded individuals, helps to validate your intuitive ideas and take them forward with greater confidence. Our… Read more »

Inflatable or Laminated?

Mistral’s inflatable stand up paddleboards offer the most versatile, utilitarian solution for travel, storage and durability. Outstripping laminated hardboard sales, iSUPs have come to define the sport’s raison d’être. Mistral manufacture some of the world’s lightest inflatable SUP boards, making it possible to hike up a mountain pathway and glide down a river all in… Read more »

The Importance of a Good iSUP Bag

The appeal of the inflatable SUP, is in the transportability of this remarkable, most basic, go most anywhere water craft. That being said, the importance of a good bag in which to store and transport your inflatable board, is not an after thought, but essential to the utilitarian nature of the sport itself. Mistral have… Read more »

The Interceptor Ocean Board

Unlimited boards are the zenith and peak of SUP sport, in that they are uniquely designed for maximum glide, speed and manageability with every stroke taken. Here is a world, entirely performance centred, a place where there are no rules, nor boundaries, a place where the purest can indulge themselves in harnessing the best of… Read more »

Mistral Simmer Freeride Boards and Why it Makes Sense

Following on from our renewed focus upon windsurfing and getting back to basics, we also acknowledge the need to create boards and rigs for the go-fast sailor who wants to hook in and hold on in a stiffer breeze and where better to look than to Freeride boards, one of the most popular of windsurfing… Read more »

Teihotaata 2nd Molokai OC1

Mistral SUP Team rider Steeve Teihotaata, finished just 20 seconds behind fellow Tahitian paddler, Kevin Jerusalemy in the Molokai to Oahu Solo Outrigger Canoe Race this past weekend. Finishing in a time of 4:08:37, Steeve is no stranger to the Molokai`i race, with past wins in this race and multiple wins paddling with his OC6… Read more »

Back to the Past is the Way of the Future

For some years now, we have been considering our situation in being detached from windsurfing, the very sport which gave us the impetus and gravitas to make Mistral one of the world’s leading windsurfing manufactures, elevating it to iconic status. But where to begin again? It may not have been so very long ago that… Read more »