Month: June 2018

Mistral Inflatables

OK, so you want to buy an inflatable stand up paddle board and you’re now completely confused having begun your search and been overloaded with choice. You could go for the cheapest on the market and by this measure, you will be investing in it’s only USP (industry speak for Unique Selling Point) – the… Read more »

Back on course to windsurfing

Mistral’s association with the iconic sport of windsurfing, a water sport which grew at a truly phenomenal rate during the 80s and 90s, remains a legacy and heritage that will simply not go away. The reasons for Mistral’s temporary departure from the scene are complex, however the simple truth of the matter is, Mistral can… Read more »

Our range of Squab and Cloud boards

​SUP surfing is a niche interest area of our sport and only just recently it seems, SUP surfers are ‘discovering’ our range of Squab and Cloud boards and even our Levuka. Take this recent review where our Squab 7’10 was matched against JP and Starboard boards of similar spec where our Squab came out on… Read more »