Month: November 2018

International Mistral One Design

One-Design craft permit at least one variable to be consistent in the context of racing and over the course of racing history, no other factor has been more successful in assisting the growth and popularity of racing between all-comers. Suffice to say this is true in the context of sailing and many paddle sports and… Read more »

Why Inflatable Techno-Design Matters

While it’s easy to get carried away with all the virtues of inflatable sup board ownership, it’s as well to stop and consider their vulnerability in a harsh environment and how this can make you too, vulnerable to any catastrophic failure of the board you stand on. If you’re reading this and thinking of buying… Read more »

New Inflatable Material for 2019

First developed by Good Year Tires in the USA, with the backing of the US Military, the idea for inflatable drop stitch material was to consider the creation of inflatable bridges and even an inflatable plane. That was back in the 1950s and the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since this time, whereby… Read more »