Month: December 2018

Water Life and Living in 2019

And now it comes to the time of year, when we think of the approaching new year and the resolutions we make to ourselves. Most resolutions are either about giving something up or taking something up; they are by default mostly about actions and often to do with lifestyle choices, designed to improve your life…. Read more »

Embracing Life

Another year has nearly passed and Christmas is with us once again and with this we have to say thank you to all of our supporters new and old. We’re living through ever rapidly changing times and as we move forwards, the technological pressures of the world, make it ever more important to remember to… Read more »

Vol Metric and What it All Means

A confusing and misunderstood issues of board choice, is that of volume, generally specified in litres. This amount, also referred to as ‘vol metric’, was born out of the windsurfing years, when boards for wave sailing in particular, were reduced down in size to that of surf board proportions, to improve wave riding performance. So… Read more »

Mistral USA

Not unexpectedly, we have regular requests and enquiries from the USA with regards to our SUP boards. The performance merits, the designs and overall appeal and interest for our boards and of the Mistral brand, remains as strong as ever. Considering the range of product available in the USA, that Mistral still creates interest is… Read more »