Month: January 2019


It’s new, it’s cool, it’s the home of MISTRAL LIVE – where each month, we carefully craft together, rolling video updates and stories from around the world, presented by Mistral’s very own TV Presenter, Mascha Lange. Showcasing Mistral’s Water Life and Living personalities, products, sports, destinations, fashions and lifestyles and plenty more, MISTRAL LIVE is… Read more »

Love your Waterways

It’s now no secret that our oceans and waterways are in serious trouble on account of the rubbish and pollutants of all different types that find their way into them. Worst of all, most of us feel powerless to do much about the problem, especially when you know yourself already to be responsible and one… Read more »

Mistral at the Dusseldorf Boat Show

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Germany’s Dusseldorf Boat Show beginning Jan 19th – 27th, where each year upwards of 250,000 visitors descend in order to view the latest offerings from the marine industry featuring, accessories, gadgets and apparel, luxury yachts, racing dinghies, RIBs, motor cruisers and famously, many board sports including windsurfing, SUP… Read more »

SUP Equipment Perfected

With the arrival of SUP sport and recreation, came the adaptation to performing exercises on tethered boards in the form of pilates and yoga. The term SUP Yoga was coined and before long it became the impetus for the development of an entire new industry based upon the concept. Mistral were there at the beginning… Read more »

Investment in a Good Paddle!

One of the ways to fast track your paddling speed, efficiency, enjoyment and time on the water, is to invest in a top level paddle. In the world of paddle sports, there’s one universal agreement amongst the world’s best paddlers; the paddle is the most critical element when it comes to propulsion of the craft… Read more »