Month: February 2019

The New 14’ Mistral Adventurist

Mistral Adventurist hardboard Race 14'0

As the name suggests, our new Mistral Adventurist is aimed at the paddler with an Adventurist Spirit and at 28” wide it’s fast and remarkably stable. Once upon a time, not so long ago, a board below 30” wide was considered for those who only raced or had the agility of a cat. Our design… Read more »

Snow Skiing and SUP

Sup in snow with Mistral

All sports have matching supplementary activities, so as one may be your primary sport, the other your secondary. This could be a seasonal factor, so as in the winter months, one of these sports is better suited to the other and some of the best examples of this is the practical realities of water sports… Read more »

Our Mistral World

We love sharing our Mistral world with you and invite you to be inspired to discover the world with us.​ As an iconic brand with over 40 years of history, we’ve been around the world and back again many times over. We’ve touched the lives of millions and inspired waterman and women the world over… Read more »