Month: March 2019

Windsurfing 20 Years On

I just had to try the new 2019 Mistral Windsurfing Equipment – even though the wind was not great. Those who were Kiting, were barely getting going, many drifting downwind or sideways. Selecting the 7.8m Mistral Zonda sail was the obvious choice, to which I attached the super light and well constructed Quikslide 100 litre… Read more »

The Paddle

In all the excitement and possible confusion you may feel in the buying of your first SUP board, it’s not uncommon to put the paddle on the bottom of your list – or at least it’s secondary to the buying process. Sometimes this is not helped by your retailer who may also be putting little… Read more »

Periodising Your Training

With winter coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere and the promise of spring in the air, you may well not have kept up an exercise regime and many of you will not have paddled through these cold months or for that matter, continued windsurfing. Coming out of a period of having reduced the… Read more »

Mistral Live Episode 2

In this Episode of Mistral TV, we are on location in the Philippines, where our Sumatra Tribe Board is being put to good use exploring the regions tropical waters; the perfect travel partner. Then we are off to Brazil for some beautiful surf action with our Cloud board, shredding the pristine waters and waves which… Read more »

Prade is Back!

Ernstfried Prade

Mistral has always been a leader in design of its water sports inventory. Names such as Mistral Competition, Diamond Head, Kailua, Pan Am, Equipe, Screamer and many others, became household names in the Windsurfing world and remain strong bywords for the sport today. While the name Naish, also became associated with the Mistral brand, Randy… Read more »