Month: April 2019

Loving your inflatable

Loving your inflatable

Whilst inflatable SUP technology has advanced over the years, one thing remains true and that is that they still require the end-user (you) to take good care through responsible ownership. Inflatable anything, means PVC, seams, valves and a host of other weak points, which if not properly cared for, can lead to a partial failure… Read more »

Mistral Easter Time Fever!

Here at Mistral, we’re busy doing more behind the scenes to create a revolution within the water sports industry than we have for many years before and in due course we will be sharing our developments and vision with you. Mostly, we want to ensure water sports can once again be embraced as ever more… Read more »

Have Bag Will Travel

No matter how near or far you travel, at the very minimum you will need to pack a bag for a few hours, a few days, a week or a few months – typically, the longer the duration and the further you travel away from home, the bigger the bag will tend to be. Based… Read more »