Steeve Teihotaata's Big Win in Tahiti

May 16, 2016


It was a nerve-wrecking 24km, race but after nearly 2 hours on his Equinox Mistral teamrider Steeve Teihotaata clinched Victory to win the prestigious AirFrance Tahitian Paddle Festival paddling on the Equinox 14'. This was not just any 'Win' but indeed a 'defining win' a 'seminal moment', for Steeve and for Mistral, triumphing over not one titan of the stand up paddleboarding world, but two, in that of Georges Cronsteadt and Titouan Puyo (and new comer and Team EDT team mate paddler Rete Ebb). 

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(Images Va'a News Tahiti)

Triumphing over some of the world's best adds to the impetus of Steeve's reputation as a paddling giant and of Mistral's phenomenal comeback into the forefront of innovation through design. Steeve's win guarantees the SUP world will now be taking note, that here is a man on a mission, supported by a brand, also on a mission, to establish itself once again in the hearts and minds of those who know Mistral and those yet to discover it, that are intentions are clear in being once again, a "Force Majeure".