2017 Range Inflatables

October 10, 2016

A Sneek and Brief Overview of our 2017 Inflatable Range.

It has been an exhaustive period of time creating our 2017 Stand Up Paddle Board Range. Mostly it has been an intensive period of genuine 'Research and Development' in which time, we have moved and established our R&D Centre to the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius and stepped up our game in every way. For hardboards see here.

What's New with our Inflatables?

The merits of one brand over that of another, is as much about the performance of the board, as it is the material from which it is constructed. MISTRAL were the first SUP brand in the world to use German made PVC drop stitch material, resulting in the lightest inflatable boards in the world; also rigid enough to offer great performance. It was and remains an important unique selling point (USP) as they say in the industry. As time has passed, Asian fabric makers have risen to the challenge as other brands seek out the same level of technology. 

The big news with MISTRAL inflatables, is the introduction of our FUSION LAYER TECHNOLOGY (FLT) in response to MSL and the inclusion of a redesigned, extra-spacious, durable, cordura travel bag, featuring heavy duty treaded wheels and uprated pump with high and low pressure modes.

As a result of recent interest and attention given to MSL inflatable SUP constructionwe carried at our own intensive research and were surprised at what we discovered, proving not all claims you read are necessarily accurate. Without going into specifics, we can annouce, Mistral has now its own equivalent appropriately named Fusion Layer Technology (FLT for short) which incorporates such technologies as Cross Woven Polyfibre, Liquid Polyester Infused PVC and Quad Rail Layering (more info to come on this soon).

The Benefits - Lightness with some gain in stiffness over conventional drop-stitch materials. Improved seam and rail strength.


Uprated Pump and A Seriously Good Travel Bag

To complete the upgrade to all of our inflatable series, we have addressed the issue of upgrading our pump to offer a DUAL ACTION MODE. The first pounds of inflation are achieved faster in DOUBLE ACTION MODE (low pressure) where inflation occurs on the UPWARD and DOWNWARD PHASE of pumping. Switching to SINGLE MODE (high pressure) â€‹mode, inflation occurs only on the downward phase of pumping to complete the process and achieve the desired psi.

Ownernship of an inflatable board, means living with a bag, which must be durable, practical and large enough to offer ease of fitment of board, pump and even any accessories you may need, including apparel, towels, etc - enough for a weekend getaway or more. HEAVY DUTY ROLLER WHEELS, extra large capacity, easy entry front loading and water proof lining are all now standard. You'll love this bag, not just for your iSUP, but for other uses too.

The 2017 Range

TRIBE BOARDS - The Lombok, Sumatra and Java boards, collectively named TRIBE BOARDS, reinforce the idea of the family and doing things together. In design terms, they represent a move away from simple eliptical shapes. Purpose designed to be faster than your average entry board, more streamlined in the nose for better performance in a wider variety of water conditions, wide in the tail for optimum stability and improved handling in all circumstances. A cargo net, front and rear D-rings, nose grab handle and easy no-tool needed, slide in and go fin, make these truly great value, premium entry boards. FLT construction.
For current 2016 dimensions Lombok | For current 2016 dimensions SumatraFor current 2016 dimensions Java


ONE DESIGN RACE AND FAST CRUISERS - The 12'6 x 28" Spirit and 14' x 28" Emotion remain favourite fast inflatables and now include the option of a 12'6 x 30" Spirit. We're wanting to nurture and bring back what we, Mistral, first started, the One-Design Racing concept and in late 2017, we will be holding an inaugural Mistral One Design - World SUP Race Festival on the island of Mauritius, with a limited number of boards supplied and the opportunity to bring your own board. More information on this in the coming months. FLT construction. 
For current 2016 dimensions Spirit | For current 2016 dimensions Emotion

TREKKER DUAL CHAMBER BOARDS - New for 2017, the Trekker 12'6 x 34" and Trekker 14' x 34" are super stable, tough, dual chamber boards, with massive amounts of carrying space, designed for those who want a board capable of carrying a large load; camping equipment for example for the truly adventurous. Heavy Duty Drop Stitch Construction.

WINDSUP ADVENTURE BOARDS - Our highly popular Santa Anna range now includes a 10'6 x 31" (New) 11'5 x 31" and a 12'6 x 30" (New) model. As a paddleboard or WindSUP® these superbly versatile boards, with an array of features; grab handles, D-rings, cargo net, WindSUP® rig connectivity, US fin box and brilliant retro Mistral colours, are great value and fun. Pair with a complete 5.0m Rig Bag with demountable mast and boom (3.0m and 4.5m as optional extras) or with the newly introduced 6.5m Rig Bag and you have a sensational, high performance windsurfing option. FLT construction. 
For current 2016 dimensions Santa Anna

RIVER BOARDS - Both river boards have undergone significant changes. The 9'4 x 36" Colorado has increased rocker, a more rounded nose, improved removable fin system and additional handles, while the Limpopo 10' has been lengthened to 11' x 34" the nose rounded out, the fin system improved and additional handles added. Heavy Duty Drop Stitch Construction. 
For current 2016 dimensions Limpopo | For current 2016 dimensions Colorado


YOGA AND FITNESS - The Asana 11'5 x 32" and Lotus 10' x 36" have been thickened from 5" to 6" and the deck graphics simplified. Combine now also with our handy SAND ANCHOR. FLT construction. 
For current 2016 dimensions Asana | For current 2016 dimensions Lotus

NAUTIQUE YACHT AND BOAT TENDER, SAFETY AND FUN -  The Nautique continues to find appeal with the yachting and boating enthusiast. Combining the look and feel of an inflatable boat, with the practicality of multiple grab rope and handles, splashguard, D-rings, fixing points for attaching a Kayak seat and superior stability, it looks just at home on a superyacht as it does on the beach. Apart from the 11'5 x 32" we have introduced a 12'6 x 32" model. FLT construction. 
For current 2016 dimensions Nautique

BIG SUP - We've fine tuned the 18' x 57" and added in a 16' x 59" version. Both include DUAL VALVES to permit faster inflation. The 16' is just that bit more compact and offers a great alternative. Heavy Duty Drop Stitch Construction. 
For current 2016 dimensions Big SUP