2017 Range Hardboards

October 11, 2016


A Sneek and Brief Overview of our 2017 Hardboard Range.

It has been an exhaustive period of time creating our 2017 Stand Up Paddle Board Range. Mostly it has been an intensive period of genuine 'Research and Development' in which time, we have moved and established our R&D Centre to the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius and stepped up our game in every way. For inflatables see here.

What's New with our Hardboards?

RACE BOARDS Following on from the huge popularity of our Vortex 14' and Equinox 14' boards in particular, we have been busy refining these boards and in addition, have added in a 12'6 Equinox, for the demands of rough water paddling and racing. During the latter part of 2016, our Vortex boards had enormous success in winning major events and in being the board used to set a World 24hr Distance Record. There is no question of the speed and efficiency of the board, but we knew we needed improvements, notably to the deck drainage. This we have now addressed with 4 larger diametre drainage (scupper) holes and better shaping to encourage the water to find the exit point. This we have applied also to the Equinox 14'. We have introduced a high volume Vortex XL - gaining an extra 25lts and higher side walls, to make for a more buoyant and drier board for rhe paddler over 80kgs. We've maintained our Slipstream flat water 12'6 board as it continues to win races and impress. 

RECREATIONAL ALL ROUNDERS We've introduced Epoxy Soft Top Boards (10'9 x 33" Fiji and 12' x 33" Levu) which include full EVA decking and high density EVA / rubber compound rails - ideal for general recreational use, schools, hire and with the addition of a windsurfing rig, they make for great fun in a breeze. TOURING We've stuck with our 12'6 x 28" Malia, which offers both speed, stability and comfort and in a newer, more affordable construction. SURF Here we have stepped things up, with the inclusion of the full range of Cloud classic shapes, to include the Cloud Burst 8'2 x 29.25", Cloud Rise 8'6 x 30.25" and Cloud Nine 9'2 x 31.5" boards. Additionally we have also introduced 3 x Squab New Wave boards in a 7'2 x 27.7, 7'6 x 29" and 7'10 x 30" sizes


VORTEX 14' - Continues to be available in 26" or 23.4" widths, with the addition of diamond deck paddling within standing area and x 4 larger diameter drainage holes. Additionally we are raising the side walls mariginally to keep the standing area drier and improve secondary buoyancy. All valuable micromanagment issues. Within this range now comes a larger Vortex XL model for paddlers much over 80kg as a recommendation and where rougher water may be encountered. Higher side walls of 3cm, fixed at 24" wide, increased nose and front decking area and increased thickness in the tail, make the Vortex XL an ideal solution for the slightly heavier paddler. Used in the 11 Cities Race by Steeve Teihotaata, it performed superbly,  finishing 2nd on one of the days and 3rd every other day, a mere 6.5 seconds off the winning time over 4 consecutive days. For more detailed information on this board (XL info to come)

EQUINOX 14' x 25.5" - The Equinox 14' excels both upwind and downwind and is highly versatile, performing extraordinarily well in flat to choppy waters. In 2016, Steeve Teihotaata, famously won the Air France Paddle Festival in Tahiti using his Equinox 14' beating some of the world's best in a mix of conditions from lagooon waters to downwind open water conditions. Improved deck drainage makes has been addressed with 4 drainage holes. For more detailed information on this board.


EQUINOX 12'6 x 25" Developing an ocean going 12'6 means you have to assume rough water, shore break, catching bumps downwind and pushing up wind. In short what you want to do, is create a board that is intuitive, that does some of the thinking for you. It must work with water not against it and that actually means you must design the board, so as it can pitch and roll freely and the rider must move with it. Creating a 'stiff board' will dumb it down so as it fights against the movement of water. We therefore had to design a board that has a 'soft' interaction with the water on the one hand and 'punchy' when it needs to be, especially upwind. For more detailed information on this board.


SLIPSTREAM 12'6 Fast, slick and with very low windage, the Slipstream during 2016 set a record time in the UK for the countries largest race, the River Dart and went on to win the Battle of the Thames. It was the winning board of the Florida Race Series and of the Chatterjack Ultra Distance 35 mile race in the USA. Available in both 23.3" and 26" width. It remains unchanged for 2017. ‚ÄčFor more detailed information on this board.


MALIA 12'6 x 28" TOURING / CRUISING A very comfortable board, with low windage, ample stability and great speed. A touring board need not be clumsy and sluggish, infact you want easy gliding qualities and low windage to keep you pushing through windy conditions. A rear placed deck cargo net, two differing leash attachment points and convenient front mounted grab handle all add to boards functionality and appeal. The design remains unchanged for 2017 however the construction has change to carbon / kevlar and the price has been lowered with affecting the build quality. For more detailed information on this board.


EPOXY SOFT TOP LEVU 12' x 33"and FIJI 10'9 x 33"  Ownership of hardboards for recreational use are increasing. Not everyone needs or wants and inflatable and indeed a hard board can have some positives over its inflated cousins. Lower maintainance, durability, rigidity, all add up to advantages if you have the space for storage, live near or on the water, have no issues with having a roof rack or you have a van large enough to carry them. Our epoxy soft top are NEW to our range and we've put a lot of effort into getting the shape, features, construction and price just right. More information coming soon on these two great boards, ideal for individuals, families, schools are hire operations.


LEVUKA 11'2 x 32.2" A versatile long board style SUP surf design with Tri Fin Futures set up. A sweet ride. More info coming soon.


CLOUD CLASSIC SURF LINES In three different models, the original Cloud Rise 8.6 x 30.25" proved so popular, we're releasing for 2017, the Cloud Burst 8'2 x 29.25 and Cloud Nine 9'2 x 31.5". Fast and nimble, they sport a Tri Fin Futures set up. More info coming soon.

SQUAB NEW WAVE Following trends, Chris Diplock has worked his magic on these boards, ideal for travel and for where waves are well formed, the shape lends itself to carrying riders much heavier than on similar sized classic shaped wave boards. We have 3 sizes, 7'2 x 27.7", 7'6" x 29" and 7'10 x 30.3". More info coming soon.