Principe Andrea Baldini, has a doctorate in economics, is a writer of music, singer and multisport athlete. He resides in France and his ambition is to set the world speed windsurfing record. He is the new Italian distributor of mistral in Italy and will be working closely with retail outlets, future team riders and the Italian community.

In 2009 Principe won the last offical World Cup Speed Race in Windsurfing becoming the European Speed Champion, using a Mistral Speedboard. He also won the F2 Speed Challenge at Lake Como and took part in many record attempt all around the world. In 2011 he was awarded Waterman of the Year in Italy. He enjoys SUP surfing and SUP for his cross-training.

With his motto ‘Forever Speed’ he is inspiring many people addicted to the water sport no matter in SUP, Surf or windsurfing. After an accident in which he had broken 4 vertebrae at the end of 2012, he didn’t give up and against all the doctors prediction he came back to the water stronger than before. In 2016 we could see him flying with his Mistral speed board in many videos at his facebook page with lots of wild runs of up to 50 knots. In June 2016 he won the Dunkerbeck Worldwide Virtual Speed Challenge and in July of the same year, became the first Italian in sailing history to exceed 40kts.