New horizons out in the pacific. New international team riders and alliances in Tahiti and her islands.

Major sponsoring and partnering with Waterman Tahiti Tours
Strong alliance forged with Air Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Tourism
Support of the Tahiti Ambassadorial Program
Sponsorship and signing of two new riders with Steeve Teihotaata, Bruno Tauhiro and Rete Ebb
Major sponsoring of the Ironmana Bora Bora Liquid Festival
Appointment of Stéphan Lambert as Mistral Team Tahiti

Many positive consequences will come from our renewed focus, in terms of our graphical interpretations of the world of watersports as we see it and the diversity and scope of our immersion into its depths, strengthening ties with the roots of water sports, creation of incredible imagery and more besides. We don’t want to back ourselves into a corner to be merely a SUP brand, because the sum of the whole of water sports is much bigger than this, in addition to the interests of our riders and that of the end users. Subsequent to this we are looking into our relationship with differing sports.

It is significant that during the years in which Mistral enjoyed its zenith within the windsurfing years, Hawaii was very much a focal point and in particular through the activities of the likes of Robbie Naish who lived here. From Kailua Hawaii to Diamond Head and Hookipa, the imagery and romance of tropical pastimes and inspiration for windsurfing and the Mistral brand grew ever stronger.

The undisputed bastion of canoe paddling, specifically outrigger canoe paddling, is that which manifests out of Tahiti and her islands and the characters who dominate the racing scene, who by default, also dominate the SUP podium finishings. Here paddling commands greater attention than soccer. It is their national sport, the pride of their islands and of their culture.

In addition to the new signings of Bruno and Rete, we have appointed a new Mistral Tahiti Team Manager, Stéphan Lambert , who will oversee the activities and logistics of our Team Riders in the islands and also at times overseas. This relationship brings with it through the Tahitian Ambassadorial Programme an immediate alliance with Air Tahiti Nui, Tahiti Tourism, which is highly significant. Stef will be working closely with Laurent Grimaud our Mistral Importer.

As a consequence we will see Bruno, Rete and Steeve compete at the Carolina Cup April 22-23rd with Stef on hand to assist and manage the team. They will also be representing Mistral at the Paddle Pacific Games. Mistral’s support of this classic waterman styled event in Bora Bora, featuring our own team riders, will bolster our positioning and status in the correct direction. Sponsorship of the Waterman Tahiti Tour, over all 5 of the lead up series to the Ironmana, will provide promotional opportunities, imagery and a focal point for our athletes. ?We can also announce, Lena Ribeiro the Brazilian female Champion will be representing Mistral at the Carolina Cup (paddling the Slipstream 12’6) and Jonas Letieri will also be representing Mistral. ? ? ?