Our latest offering in the form of the Vanquish 14’ x 24’ is as close as we could come to designing a board that is both at home in rough and smooth waters without compromising the board to the point of being ultimately a compromise in performance. An all around board is the most difficult to create, being as it is not designed to be good in one set of conditions but a variety.

The initial design brief was to create a 14’ board suited to leaving and returning through shore break. One of the features of a good off the beach race board design, is in having parallel rails making for a board with carries its width for quite some distance before tapering off towards the nose and tail. This creates more predictable handling and permits a narrow board width which is made more stable by keeping the width maintained for longer.

A bullet nose helps to buffet the waves and the added volume, increased buoyancy, limiting nose diving in a variety of circumstances. Additionally we’ve kept the rocker line reasonably straight to maximise use of the water line length and the speed gains this offers.

The fin is set well forward in order to offer maximum agility and a reduced turning radius, important for technical racing. Fast and forgiving, is a good way to sum up the Vanquish and we would stress, this is not just a good race board for the right races, it’s also an excellent board for the better paddler who wants a performance board suitable for a range of conditions.