Following on from our connection with the sailing canoes of Tahiti in late 2016 and through 2017, Mistral are pleased to announce sponsorship and partnering with the French Polynesian Sailing Canoe Championships. Holopuni 3 person sailing canoes are used by competitors in this series, a Nick Beck design and inspired by the sailing canoes of Hawaii.

This year the sailing canoe association is taking a stronger position in the protection of the environment, especially the ocean. The championship is signed-up with Sailors for the Sea, a non-profit that encourages race organisers to protect the environment. One of the main battles is the elimination of single-use plastique bottles. New partner Premium Tahiti brings us clean water to the site of our regattas. Hydro Flask Tahiti has provided re-useable containers for our water.

Each of the sailing canoes will fly Mistral branded sails and be wearing a range of Mistral apparel, making this a highly colourful and visual event from which we will be sharing with you some amazing footage.

For Mistral this keeps us connected to the Pacific and to a place which offers so much in terms of culture and connection to the watermen and women of the world.