The appeal of the inflatable SUP, is in the transportability of this remarkable, most basic, go most anywhere water craft. That being said, the importance of a good bag in which to store and transport your inflatable board, is not an after thought, but essential to the utilitarian nature of the sport itself. Mistral have placed a strong focus on the bag component, so as to ensure a number of important criteria are met. Weight and durability. The bag must be as light and durable as possible.

Over sized. It must be large enough to easily accommodate the board, pump, 3pc paddle and in addition have room remaining for additional items, namely clothing for a weekend. We’re anxious to make sure you will not be struggling to pack away your board after a tiring day on the water. Wheeled. It must include durable roller wheels to cope with up to 23kgs of total weight if needs be, in line with most airline travel requirements, even if over-sized. Waterproof. In order to keep water out and to prevent water leaking out if for any reason it contains wet items. Handles.

These must be well placed and offer ideal balance points. Internal and external frapping straps. This is in order to tighten the contents down to the smallest possible compact size. Mistral’s wide mouth, fully zippered, large volume, waterproof bags are undoubtedly the best on the market and form part of the reason why an investment in a Mistral inflatable SUP is an investment in the highest quality of design and materials. All of our inflatable boards and kayaks, come supplied with these, the best of bags.