Mistral’s inflatable stand up paddleboards offer the most versatile, utilitarian solution for travel, storage and durability. Outstripping laminated hardboard sales, iSUPs have come to define the sport’s raison d’être. Mistral manufacture some of the world’s lightest inflatable SUP boards, making it possible to hike up a mountain pathway and glide down a river all in the one outing or from the car to the waters edge with ease. For all the benefits the Inflatable SUPs offer, it’s important to keep in mind they must be regarded as being higher-maintainance than laminated hardboard equivalents.

They require the valve is treated with care (avoiding debris), that they are never over-inflated, are rinsed with fresh water, dried and rolled carefully away after each use (or stored out of the sun). Additionally there is always the risk of punctures in the case of high impact. Alternatively, our Mistral laminated hardboards, suits the person who lives by water and rarely has the need to travel to water, or have a need to travel overseas with it. For the most part they are higher performing (faster) and offer the best choice in the surf, are more durable and are often more stable and responsive than most inflatables. In an ideal world, you would want both variants – one for travel to far away lands and one for closer to home, but whichever you choose, it’s all about having fun and getting the most of it. Indeed if it’s speed you want in an inflatable board, our new revolutionary Vortex Air 14′ and Slipstream 12’6 boards are simply in a class of their own.