Our annual distributor meeting, provides Mistral Red Dot with the opportunity to share new products, insights and activities and for individual distributors from around the world to meet with one another, share ideas and discuss the industry in general. It can be a passionate process which involves a fine balance of ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ between differing geographical regions of the world, each being no less relevant than the other and our recent meeting at our head office in Holland was no exception.

This years meeting was highlighted on day 2, with by the introduction of our Quikslide Freeride Windsurfing boards with matching rigs and Zonda sails and in addition our 3.2m Albatross and 3.7m Freebird boards and Revival sails and rigs, designed specifically with the recreational and learner windsurfer in mind, featuring fully retractable daggerboards and soft top decks.

Ernstfried Prade, originator of the brand and creator of the Mistral Competition amongst other iconic boards, was on hand to give his approval of the Albatross and Freebird designs, noting their ‘ . . . beautifully proportioned lines fitting to the Mistral look and feel.’ Many positive comments were welcomed of the Albatross and Freebird, one distributor describing them as ‘perfection’ and ideal for pure fun and simplicity.

We have dubbed the occasion as the “Legend Reborn” in bringing us back full circle to our roots of Windsurfing and as a result of this launch and the enthusiastic response of the distributors, we are already looking to expand our range and you can expect updates very soon leading into later and the year and into 2019. Added to this we have some very cool additions to our SUP range for 2019 and will soon be sharing these with you, but in the meantime, keep on enjoying the Mistral Water Life and Living!