If you’re the kind of person who day dreams of the beach, or of far away islands and would rather be on the water, or in it, we here at Mistral, know the feeling well; it’s the very reason we exist. For over 40 years, we’ve been developing, designing, creating and supporting all manner of means to support water-loving sports people’s lifestyles. During these 40 years, so much has changed in terms of fashion and indeed on water sports, however one constant remains; the ever present power of the water, from river to ocean, to invoke passion in us all, even those who rarely, if ever, go on the water.

Mistral fashion and beyond, reflects the spirit of a sunny day out at the beach, or indeed a day spent on the water, a sunrise, a sunset and all that relaxation embraces; friendship, time out, hitting the open road like a stranger in a strange land and the exploration of ones self, through time on the water or indeed play or quiet time on the beach. From the vibrancy of our stand up paddle board range to the re-immergence of our touch-stone roots back to windsurfing, we’re always thinking in terms of graphics and designs which inspire and reflect the character and nature of the craft we’ve created. Everything is well considered and thought out, so as each becomes an ‘individual’ rather than a corporate message of likeness, avoiding being unilaterally dull and boring by colour and graphic.

From our apparel to the water craft we create, we have you, the individual in mind. When you look to buying a Java or a Nautique SUP board, take note of the attention to detail, from the use of graphics to all the individual components which make it what it is. Our Santa Anna boards reflect a retro approach as one of our flagship designs in a WindSUP® concept, while our Vortex Air and Slipstream Air boards, evoke a go-fast feel to match their unique and highly developed designs. Taken a step further, our high end laminated boards, reflect some of the most innovative and evocative graphics on the market, from the Squab and Cloud SUP surf boards to our race boards, we take great pride in the attention to detail in every aspect; every curve, every line and feature.

We’re all about bettering your lifestyle, in supporting your passion, by offering individualism, style and persona in all of what we create. After all, we’ve been doing this a long time, in leading not following, making ownership of a Mistral created product, an aspirational manifestation of your love of the brand and of what it has come to represen