We all love warm, sunny days for our on water sessions, but when the UV rays and temperatures begin to climb to crazy highs, we immediately respond by taking care of ourselves, with UV protection clothing in the form of lycras, caps and sunglasses, maybe even sun creams, but the same should be true of your equipment.

In the case of inflatable boards, it is well documented that boards left in super strong sun, will gain added pounds per square inch (psi) which can strain in particular, the internal drop stitch fibres, to a point where they may snap, leading to disfigurement of the board, especially if the board has been inflated to its maximum psi rating. This makes it necessary to under inflate your board by at least 2 psi to any recommended rating, to be safe, as this is the amount of added extra pressure which may be created by ever expanding air within the chamber as it heats up and the air particles race around ever faster.

Beyond this, the seams are going to put under added pressure, but more so the heat itself, can lead to a weakening of these seams. This information is carried within your Mistral iSUP manual and it should be strictly followed in order to prolong the life of your inflatable. Ideally, avoid leaving your inflatable in strong UV. Seek out some shade and if storing in the back of your car, you can appreciate how hot a car can become, which again will have damaging affects to your board. Place in the boot and out of the sunlight and away from the magnification of glass.

When it comes to your laminated hardboards; once again, you need to think in terms of keeping your board in the shade when not in use, as the board will heat up dramatically. Laminated boards are in reality, plastic – and are prone to warping and creasing in high temps. An over looked stress, comes when placing a super heated board into cold water, which causes internal air to cool and shrinking internally can occur of the materials, which may cause deformations.​The use of a board cover can go a long way to limiting UV damage.

In all cases, be sun smart with your equipment and it will last very much longer and give great fun over many years!