Paddlesports have consistently grown worldwide each year for the past 15 years. Indeed the only activity which consistently out performs paddling, in all its forms, is hiking. For us here at Mistral, the option to embrace the sport more fully through the development of a highly advanced, drop stitch kayak which can double also as canoe, was something we could not resist.

Mistral’s fame may well centre on its legacy with Windsurfing, which we are now moving back towards, but the big picture demands we are more water sports varied and orientated, so as not to be aligned with but one water sport. Canoeing and Kayaking align well with SUP; but if your looking to invest in a truly utilitarian paddling craft, it’s hard to beat the unique qualities, a stable and sleek canoe like craft offers.

The best part of sitting whilst paddling, is the relaxed feeling you can embrace. Paddle fast or slow, cruise or power your way forward, it does not matter, because the option of merely meandering and taking in the smells, the views, the embrace of nature will be at your finger tips for you to control with ease.

Our KANUyak Duo and Uno, are a genuine step into the abyss of blue sky thinking. No hollow chambers as such, but chambers containing thousands of interconnected fibres between the inner skins, providing unmatched levels of rigidity and durability. These are no ordinary inflatable Canoe / Kayak hybrids (you can paddle with a double or single blade paddle) but simply the best ‘in class’ offered on the market.

Now you can travel the world with a totally viable paddle craft that can accommodate camping equipment and more besides – in short, an investment in a KANUyak Duo or Uno, is and investment in life itself, in exploration and accumulation of a lifetime of ‘feel good memories’ in places you’re yet to visit and experience. Mistral KANUyak for the adventurist in us all.