Mistral’s decision to support the Canoe Sailing races held in French Polynesia, comes as a result of Mistral’s passion for those who strive to form strong bonds with the ocean and in maintaining a connection to ancient past times, which often means living life on the edge.

Canoe sailing in this form, replicates how much of the Pacific was populated, through wind and sail, paddle and muscle power and a desire to explore a vast ocean in the belief that new islands were there to be found. The Holopuni Sailing Canoe is a specific design created in the Hawaiian Island by Nick Beck and it is this uniquely nimble and beautiful craft, which has given rise to the rebirth of Canoe Sailing again in areas of the world such as French Polynesia, where Canoe Sailing was once omnipresent. Today, the Vaa Taie Tautoru (The Tahitian Sailing Federation) oversees the racing of these craft in Tahiti and her islands and is led by Kavika Knight.

For Mistral, what can be more evocative than to see the M-Dot emblazoned on brightly coloured sails, far out in the ocean, wind powered and wind swept, atop an ever undulating watery carpet.

Culminating in a series of epic inter-island races during the year, the final event off the regatta calendar, is an epic inter-island, event staged in October, racing over 400km, setting out from the island of Tahiti to Bora Bora, with stop offs in Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea and Tahaa, some of the world’s most beautiful islands.

Colourful Mistral sails will dot the cobalt blue tropical waters for this epic race and the sailors and paddlers will shield themselves from the tropical sun, with our caps and lycra tops as they face the harsh extremes of a tropical sun, tropical down pours, a relentless rolling ocean and an ever present trade wind, moving them every further onward to their final goal.

Mistral, ever seeking out adventures in paradise . . .