As if the name ‘Mistral’ is not already iconoclastic enough, in the world of windsurfing and more recently, stand up paddle boarding, so too during its 40 year history, there have been other names associated with the brand that ring out; Malibu, Kailua, Pan Am, Competition, Equipe, Screamer to name but a few. However, the naming of our boards is not by random selection, but more by absolute intent. As we set about designing, the character and nature of the board takes form and when used in testing, it begins to tell us more about its personality. From here, a name is born and indeed the next phase is to design graphics to suit.

When creating our SUP range, it was clear we needed boards for different niche interests; boards for the adventurous, the river paddler, the surfer, the casual cruiser, the go-hard downwinder, the ‘paddle like you stole it’ racer, the ultra distance marathoner, the windsurfer-paddler, the casual user, the global traveller, the weekend warrior, family users, the fitness and yoga specialist, splash and dash school operators and those more formal. In all these instances, we set out to cater for all.

Here’s an overview of our inflatable range, the names and why . . .

    So named after the idea of the ‘Family Tribe’ the board which is universal to the family and to all-comers. User friendly, fun and versatile, named individually after islands of Indonesia; Java, Sumatra, Lombok and Bali, to convey tropical islands of warmth and mystery. Bright, colourful, utilitarian, our Tribe boards are genuinely the best performing entry level SUP boards available.
    Originally designed to celebrate our 40th Year Anniversary, the Heritage Adventure, conveys a strong Mistral brand presence. A classic simple timeless shape, that resonates the Mistral feeling.
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    A name firstly given to our highly successful and super quick laminated race board design, Vortex, meaning a whirling mass of fluid or air, especially a whirlpool or whirlwind, a reflection of the performance merits of these board either in air or laminated form.
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    A name given to our 12’6 flat water race board, the name speaks for itself. The laminated version, holds two British Race Records and has won international and national races from Brazil to Japan. The Slipstream Air is replicates the board in name and intent.
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    A fitting name to our elite WindSUP® boards, combining adventure paddling and windsurfing capabilities into the one package. Using our unique, removable mast plate, our WindSUPs are in a class of their own as you would expect from a windsurfing brand. Named after the Santa Anna winds of California, they brandish strong retro Mistral graphics.
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    12’6 of Spirited fun, the Spirit is our fast cruising board, given strong retro colours to suit.
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    As the name implies, the Asana takes its name from the classic yoga pose for motionless cross-legged repose or indeed for pilates movements. Soft greens and suggestive graphics, convey peace and calm and a contemplative feel to the board. Clutter free, soft top decking and other features, make this a true winner in its class. Read more
    The ultimate yoga and fitness board, the Lotus, so named after giant the Lotus Lily Pads, is a break from convention in shape but with good reason. The graphics, the feel and vibe from this board is like no other and it even paddles well too.
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    Named after the Limpopo River in Africa, the stunning graphics and features of this heavy duty river board, make it the ideal ‘River Drifter’. A unique board on the market ideally suited for multiple heavy duty uses inland or coastal.
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    Named after the Colorado River in North America, the Colorado is super nimble and ideally suited for swift water running. Designed in heavy duty construction with specific USPs required for river usage.
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    Designed as the ultimate SUP mooring toy or yacht and boat tender, the Nautique takes its name to reflect its nautical focus for the yacht and boat market, featuring many special features appreciated by its end-users.
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    We like to think of hiking or trekking across water, being the quint-essential summation of board under foot and paddle in hand. Our Trekker boards feature, dual safety chambers and can carry a huge amount of additional cargo for any adventure, near or far.
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    The name speaks for itself. As early pioneers of the Big SUP, the iconic shape and size of these boards, bring a smile anyone who sets foot on one!
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Next week we contemplate our laminated SUP and Windsurfing line up.