There are many things in life that were once ‘better’ than they are now and if not better, certainly more appealing and timeless. Classic cars, classic rock, classic clothing are iconic reminders of the best of the best, where it was not just about functionality, but style.
Classic windsurfing, is exemplified by boards such as the Mistral Competition and indeed of the first of them all, the Windsurfer Regatta. Long, heavy and with rigs and sails equally heavy and low-tech, made them a handful to manage, but nevertheless, the sport took off in spectacular fashion no matter the perceived road blocks to entry. Most of all, these boards were simple and performed brilliantly in light to moderate winds, where the vast majority of end-users were primarily interested in sailing.

We’re convinced that there is a place for this forgotten, timeless classic shape in the same way as there’s a place for longboard Malibu surfboards, having ridden out the storm of the short board. AT the end of the day, you cannot beat the laid back, gentle lines and ride that a Malibu gives you and so too it is with the longer ‘original’ style windsurfing boards, where the experience is uniquely special in being the grass roots of the sport, having its own irreplaceable cool retro feel.

This is where our Freebird and Albatross boards come in to play. The 80s inspired Freebird offers the rider all the fun and sensation that the old style boards provided in the Mistral Competitionesque form, while the Albatross, of similar volume but shorter and wider dimension, is the ultimate stable platform for novices, family and schools.

Soft top decking makes these two boards highly user-friendly whilst benefitting from the added protection of impact damage. Optional foot straps and with grab handles included, these boards are easy to manage; the retractable daggerboard ensuring you can sail on all points of sail in comfort in low or moderate winds. Join the new-age windsurfing revolution and get back to basics by embracing windsurfing in its classic form and enjoy it as it was enjoyed by millions before, when life was a little slower and laid back. The Freebird and Albatross will take you on a time warp journey back to a long lost epic experience!