While it’s easy to get carried away with all the virtues of inflatable sup board ownership, it’s as well to stop and consider their vulnerability in a harsh environment and how this can make you too, vulnerable to any catastrophic failure of the board you stand on.

If you’re reading this and thinking of buying an inflatable SUP, the best advice we can give, not only will you generally get what you pay for, but the cheaper you buy, the more vulnerable you are likely to be as a result of the use of inferior materials and poor build quality.

Every brand that has been involved since the beginning of the iSUP industry, has stories of boards failing back when the technology was new and evolving. More often than not, seam failure represented the biggest problem area, as a result of the method by which the seams were bonded to the PVC. They were subject to degradation due to issues of humidity and being stored away when damp in particular.

Since these early days, the technology has moved on, but it’s true to say, the cheap corner store inflatables lack the integrity of Mistral boards, which are not only better performing, but most importantly, inherently safer. Mistral takes this issue very seriously and therefore we offer no compromise on safety through quality, nor quality on price.

If you’re worried about spending more than you can afford, usually it has more to do what you ‘choose’ to afford, rather than what you actually can. But ask yourself, do you want the reassurance of having quality under your feet when out on the water, or the insecurity of cheapness and if that’s not enough, consider the resale value of a quality Mistral product, over that of a no-name inferior product.

Further to this, if you’re into genuine adventuring into the wilderness, likely to want to load up with cargo and generally rough it up for days at a time, then we’ve gone a step closer in creating our unique dual chamber Trekker Boards. Not only will they handle up to an additional 60kgs + of cargo over and above the weight of an average paddler, but offer the added advantage of a secondary chamber. This secondary chamber is centrally located, so as if the primary chamber is compromised, you will be still be left standing and can make your way to shore. It’s this combination of Techno-Design which can make all the difference to the end-users safety, enjoyment and experience. The safer you feel, the more likely you will be to reach for ever high goals, making Mistral a great partner to have at your side.