During any investigative process, it’s only normal to want to ask questions in order to bring you to some conclusion and no more so is the process important in relation the buying / investment process. Critically, you may know some basic questions to ask and can easily research, such as the cost, the specs and perhaps how something looks and appears.

However, you really need to dig deeper in order to have the full picture. Knowing simply the price and how something looks and perhaps the basics specifications, is still only a skin-deep overview. What questions to ask, is a skill in itself and if you don’t know the correct questions to ask, you will not have enough facts to genuinely make an informed choice. ​We’re always pleased when customers first come in to contact with our products, to see the reaction of just how good they are, both in terms of form and function.

When you see a high end product, you know automatically how much attention to detail and thought has gone into its creation and that it would not be accident, but by design. It’s clear to us we’ve let you down in not giving you enough information what it comes to your FAQs and indeed, we recognise it our now as our responsibility to ask some questions for you; some you may not know to ask and in doing so, help to clarify any confusion you may have. So far, we’ve created an FAQ relating to our inflatable SUP technology and another relating to questions you should be asking in relation to the buying process and the joys of living with an iSUP board.

We’ve plenty more FAQs to come, which will cover our hard board range, paddles, windsurfing and we will be offering up advice in relation to techniques of paddling of SUPs and kayaks and of windsurfing. We’re not just about making the equipment, we want to become a knowledge based resource for information about the sports we’re passionate about; above all, it’s about helping you along the way and helping to nurture our relationship with you the end-user and in doing so, appreciate the support and passion with which Mistral operates under it’s motto of Water Life and Living.