And now it comes to the time of year, when we think of the approaching new year and the resolutions we make to ourselves. Most resolutions are either about giving something up or taking something up; they are by default mostly about actions and often to do with lifestyle choices, designed to improve your life. Mistral is all about lifestyles; Water Life and Living, to be specific. If you’re thinking about a change, it may be that Mistral’s growing range of products, could well assist.

It may be that you’re thinking you should take up a new water sport such as windsurfing in which case our Albatross or Freebird would be ideal investments and start points. Perhaps consider kayaking with our Kanuyak Uno or Duo inflatables. The beauty of water sports are their diversity so as there’s rarely an excuse not to get out on the water, whether you live inland or by the coast. Whatever you’re wanting to improve in your life, you could do much worse than promise yourself to spend more time on the water or more time walking on the beach. With 2019 on the way, we’re always optimistic about the new year ahead. In the meantime wherever in the world you are, be safe and remember to embrace water, life and living each and every day in some way.