With the arrival of SUP sport and recreation, came the adaptation to performing exercises on tethered boards in the form of pilates and yoga. The term SUP Yoga was coined and before long it became the impetus for the development of an entire new industry based upon the concept. Mistral were there at the beginning and developed the Yoga Mat Work Station, Stretch Bands and in recent times the use of Sand Anchors for tethering. Personal trainers and yoga instructors the world over took to the idea and within a short time, the concept was being practised in swimming pools and from the beaches of hotels and resorts, on lakes and lagoons.

If you want a board for both paddling and exercise, our Asana board is ideal, or if you’re more of a specialist or instructor our Lotus is the best board in the world for this and has no equal. New for 2019, we’ve reintroduced our Yoga Mat. Importantly, you will need a mens of tethering and our Sand Anchor is an ideal solution. Mistral first and last for your SUP Yoga and Pilates needs.