It’s now no secret that our oceans and waterways are in serious trouble on account of the rubbish and pollutants of all different types that find their way into them. Worst of all, most of us feel powerless to do much about the problem, especially when you know yourself already to be responsible and one of the majority, who never disposes of rubbish irresponsibly, no matter how small. You may even be one of a growing number who actively collects rubbish at every opportunity.

The question we all ask ourselves, why would someone actively pollute? Well, mostly it’s to do with being ‘disconnected’ from nature and being out of touch with all that it consists of. To acknowledge and embrace the world around us, including the beaches and waterways we play upon, requires us to love, respect and appreciate, this is not our natural habitat, but a place we come to play upon and in. That being said, the more connected you are with these elements, will make all the difference.

The Tahitians will tell you, that the ocean is the largest living organism in the world and the surface that we see is simply the skin of what lies beneath. Our oceans and water water ways are all connected; rivers and canals connect to the oceans like veins and arteries flowing to the heart and they must be kept clean and free of debris and we, as water users, must act as guardians and caretakers of this giant living organism as part of our duty of care. Make this connection and your participation in water sports will be all the more richer for embracing it as a part of your very soul.

Marine life doesn’t leave trash behind, people do. Acting like a marine animal as an extension of your water sport is a natural extension of behaviour for waterman and women, therefore be sure to share your passion for protecting your playground at every opportunity.