We love sharing our Mistral world with you and invite you to be inspired to discover the world with us.​

As an iconic brand with over 40 years of history, we’ve been around the world and back again many times over. We’ve touched the lives of millions and inspired waterman and women the world over to embrace the Mistral Water Life and Living. From the reefs of Hawaii to the pounding beach breaks of France and the snowy alpine lakes of Switzerland, Mistral has been ever present and ever ready to support you. From the water sports equipment we create, to the apparel we endorse and design, you can discover this amazing and fragile world we live in, partnered with Mistral in reaching new goals and aspirations, as you travel through life’s journey. Our reasons to exist are the same reasons you live to travel, search for experiences and embrace the water you play upon. Together with Mistral, we revel in showing you the possibilities and set about creating the means to enjoy your passions, to builds memories and make a life well lived and travelled. Life’s a journey, not a destination – make the journey count on pathways least travelled, with Mistral at your side.