As the name suggests, our new Mistral Adventurist is aimed at the paddler with an Adventurist Spirit and at 28” wide it’s fast and remarkably stable. Once upon a time, not so long ago, a board below 30” wide was considered for those who only raced or had the agility of a cat. Our design team have a lifetime of knowing who to compensate for stability while at the same time aiming to keeping glide and speed as high as possible. So far as adventuring goes with SUP sport, you really do not want to be on a board that offers up huge resistance and lacks glide and fluidity and you certainly need one that is reassuring under your feet. Neither should it be too heavy and it should certainly be comfortable to paddle upwind.

You need some cargo securement features, grab handles in the correct places and above all the board must be a happy and comfortable place to stand for long hours. So good is this board, that it would be a strong contender to use in an event such as the SUP Tour 11 Cities event in Holland, where paddlers travel over 40km per day over 5 days. We’ve paid attention to the graphics which offer high visibility and are an encouraging mix of greens, white and orange. New for 2019, the Adventurist has to be on your list if you’re looking to springboard from an inflatable to a hardboard, or looking to have a craft that will cover distances in comfort and style in a brushed carbon finish. For more details on the new Mistral Adventurist.​