Mistral has always been a leader in design of its water sports inventory. Names such as Mistral Competition, Diamond Head, Kailua, Pan Am, Equipe, Screamer and many others, became household names in the Windsurfing world and remain strong bywords for the sport today. While the name Naish, also became associated with the Mistral brand, Randy Naish was an early contributor in design, however the primary figure-head and genius behind

Mistral’s design team was the omnipresent Ernstfried Prade, the man we like to call ‘The Godfather’. In more recent times in the SUP world, Mistral’s Vortex and Equinox boards have become stand out design pinnacles, having helped shape the way forward for SUP race and high performance designs globally, both designs having set a variety of records and milestones.

The input of Steve West and Chris Diplock have helped forge such great designs, but with Mistral headed back into windsurfing and the ever greater demands now upon the SUP industry to reinvent itself in remaining appealing and evolutionary, Ernstfried Prade is once again back at the drawing board as part of Mistral’s design team.

Indeed he was on hand for the early development of Mistral’s SUP original SUP range in 2007, which was subsequently ​extended and refined. Today with the combination of Prade / West, they have over 100 years of combined water sports knowledge, covering a diverse range of sports from Windsurfing to Paddlesports, which puts Mistral in a solid position as we move into the future. You can be sure to see ever more increasing innovations in all areas as we move forward, ensuring Mistral remains on-top for innovative form, function and above all, originality.