I just had to try the new 2019 Mistral Windsurfing Equipment – even though the wind was not great. Those who were Kiting, were barely getting going, many drifting downwind or sideways. Selecting the 7.8m Mistral Zonda sail was the obvious choice, to which I attached the super light and well constructed Quikslide 100 litre model, the smallest of Mistral’s Fee Ride boards. The 7.8m is so light you cannot believe that it has this much square meterage.

It had been some 20 years since my days of Windsurfing and enjoying wind and surf daily here in Israel. The excitement was building as I completed the rigging and the old feelings began to stir once again deep inside me, even before I stepped aboard.

Taking the board to the water, the wind remained light and I was thinking I would need to pump hard to get up to planning speed, if I could remember how. I need not have worried, as even in the light breeze I was quickly up and planning – the board alive as was I, as old sensations flowed once again through my fingers and my feet, the rig pulling hard in my hands as the board skipped over the water.

I was back in the 1990s, I was once again feeling younger, free, feeling alive, feeling the Mistral spirit once more. What was supposed to be short session of testing, believing it would not be so much fun in these light winds, turned into some two hours of pure enjoyment re-lived. \

Many ask me who does Windsurfing appeal to? The answer to which, is that anyone can learn, but only the truly determined will rise to the challenge in mastering how to slide over water the Windsurfing way – and it’s more than worth the effort and the feeling of accomplishment never leaves you.

If you were ‘Once were a Windsurfer’ I urge you strongly to consider coming back to try the sport. 20 years on, the experience remains just as fantastic, but in using the new Mistral equipment, it’s just so much easier to rig, carry, use and gain pleasure from what remains the most versatile, on-water board sport ever created for the ultimate free ride, wherever there’s wind and water. If you did it in the past, I urge you to make your way back, it’s never too late but it’s later than you think and life’s too short not to make the most of it. Like riding a bike, you never forget – and if you’ve never tried, there’s never been a better time to take up the sport . . .”

Gil Hurvitz – Israel