Here at Mistral, we’re busy doing more behind the scenes to create a revolution within the water sports industry than we have for many years before and in due course we will be sharing our developments and vision with you. Mostly, we want to ensure water sports can once again be embraced as ever more vibrant, colourful, positive, fresh and cool to be a part of – all of which Mistral have been at the forefront of for over 40 years. We’re super excited to get the season under way, with new offerings for the year ahead and with so many developments in the pipeline. With spring now upon us here in Europe and optimism for the months ahead for warm weather, longer days and languid evenings, our thoughts turn to time on the water, time with friends and family and days spent embracing nature. That we create not just the means for you to embrace your passion, we also love to kit you out from head to toe with apparel that counts and with accessories that tick the boxes.

The growth of SUP sport has been a roller coaster ride of development and along the way, Mistral has contributed to the technological advancement of the sport on many different levels to which we still continue to contribute and lead, with such incarnations as Dual Chamber Trekker Boards, for real world adventuring, offering added safety features and 4 Chamber Boards for advanced hull refinements, superior rigidity and speed with the Vortex Air / Slipstream Air receiving rave reviews for 2019. We developed the worlds lightest and toughest inflatable boards in the early days of the sports development, thereby changing the sport’s practicality and its broader appeal for the traveller, while also pioneering the WindSUP® concept and continue to advocate the valued benefits of this adaptable craft.

We designed specific rigs for both use on laminated and inflatable SUPs and our Mast Plate to board attachment for our inflatable WindSUP® Santa Anna Boards, remains to this day, the best solution to provide to the rider the greatest degree of flexibility for the use of other rigs and indeed in order to safe guard the integrity of the board. We’ve created record breaking race boards and introduced Tahitian paddlers to the world of SUP and continue to support activities within this region of the Pacific as part of our reaching out to a world which we love and embrace and enjoy sharing with you and drawing inspiration.

Wishing you a safe and Happy Easter on the water, at the beach or wherever you find yourself from all the Mistral Team!