If you’re in the mood for a bargain, we have some super high quality mens and women jackets, on sale and in edition, last seasons lycra’s. We’ve even have a Super Light Mistral Equipe Inflatable reduced from €1449 to €799 all to be found within our ‘Offers’ section of our website. On the subject of offers, deals and bargain basement prices, with summer on the way, you will no doubt be confronted with a wide range of prices on equipment, so cheap, you will hardly believe your eyes which may lead you to question how it is possible?

“The reasons are simple and in stark contrast to a philosophy we have always maintained to be above and therefore we would urge buyers to keep in mind ‘Safety First’ being as very cheap inflatable boards in particular, may well pose a threat to your safety being as they are almost certainly of low quality regardless of how they may present when new.” Significantly is the reality that super cheap SUPs, Boogie Boards, Surfboards, Snorkels, Masks and all manner of such water toys represent a THROW AWAY MINDSET, which at this point in time in the history of our planet, is something none of us can afford to support. Buying any one of these items super cheap, when the quality is also super low, will mean you will be lucky to get one summers use out of them before discarding. On one stretch of beach in Cornwall England, 600 discarded, cheap Boogie Boards were found after the summer, in sand dunes, car parks and beach access points.

The fact is, this mind-set is impacting massively on our environment and resources. If you cannot buy quality cheaply, the next best alternative is to rent / hire a quality item and return it for future use and avoid buying what amounts to landfill. On the matter of super cheap inflatable SUPs, reduced attention to detail of the seaming, low quality valves and fixtures, low quality drop stitch quality and stitches per square inch and so on, can all lead to early twisting, bubbling and a ‘Banana’ shaped boards, all of which compromises performance, enjoyment and ultimately safety.

Regrettably, there is no need for such sub-standard quality other than price point. Inflatable boards are not ‘Regulated’ as such, but even by the most basic level of scrutiny, they are considered a ‘Toy’ and not a ‘Lifesaving Device’ and indeed the only way of coming close to being considered as such, would require not one chamber but at least two and even then, may well require some addition of positive buoyancy in the form of closed-cell foam to be completely qualitative of a level of safety required for any type of ‘Approval’.

Importantly when buying a board, consider if you are buying and investment or a liability. How long will it last and are you buying responsibly in view of long term use or of a short term fix? Will the item hold reasonable value and stand the test of time or simply be money wasted? One thing we find as a constant, is that our inflatables hold their value and longevity in terms of use, desirability and functionality and we are always striving for betterment, while being sensitive to price point.

At this point in time, we are confident our boards and equipment offer some of the best quality and value for money on the market without fuss or fanfare – we know our industry and deliver to you the best of the best in the interests of enhancing your life and lifestyle and in supporting a long term relationship with your equipment rather than a cheap thrill to be discarded.​