When you get down to it, windsurfing has had a very rough time of it ever since kitesurfing came along. The irony of it was, the very same individuals and brands that killed off windsurfing were those involved in the windsurfing industry and then everyone asks, ‘What happened to windsurfing?’ It was not as if it the sport was boring or even uncool – it was uber diverse, fun, sexy and cool and then it was ‘killed off’ for no real apparent reason other than the very idea that kitesurfing was demonstrably better. It wasn’t and it isn’t and neither should in fact the sports be compared, but compared they are, when the very sensation of windsurfing to that of kitesurfing, are very different. Frankly I think everyone went a bit ‘soft’ by the end of the 80s.

We wanted it all and we wanted it now, therefore learning had to be super fast, equipment super small and those running schools wanted a path of least resistance and all the while windsurfing was the fall-guy, being talked down after 25 years of giving some folks the best years of their lives – shame on the marketers and on the very sport that spurned its success. Windsurfing remains uniquely special, versatile and cool and not only should it not be forgotten, it needs to come back with a vengeance, come back fighting for its core values, boldly rejecting the slings and arrows of negativity that kitesurfing converts and others love to throw at a sport, for which kitesurfing owes a huge dept of thanks and praise. Windsurfing is coming back, make no mistake, not least of which because, the originators are older and wiser and the very legacy given to the world, needs to be held high in praise for what it is. One of the best free rides you have in combining wind and water on planet earth.​​